E-List: #Old Fashioned Dating Habits We Should Make Cool Again

I get it. Dating is tough. It’s awkward, you don’t want to screw it up you do want a lot of alcohol. However it isn’t rocket science! It’s chemistry. Which I sucked at, however when it’s there you need to go for it in a respectable manner. Be a gentleman! Whatever happened to some of those old tips our mothers taught us? Even this guy thinks that girls are the cause of chivalry’s death. I can’t help but kind of agree with him!

Girls have let their standards fall so low to the ground and guys take advantage of it. What happened to the traditional I’ll pick you up at your place? Or the let me ask you when you’re free to do something without expecting them to be on their time? It frustrates me that our generation does not know how to date.

Then I stumbled across these old fashioned dating habits we need to make cool again and I’m ready to make this happen.

Guys if you want to date me read those first.

Ladies what do you wish guys would do? ~ @Elistab


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