Don’t wait till last minute like you did last year homies. Get on it now if you already haven’t!

E-LIST: Things you should get your girl for Christmas #WhatIWantForChristmas

#7. A Star! I always think that’s cute… even though its just a ball of gas burning millions of miles away & will eventually turn into a black hole…

#6. If you suck a new one! hubby/bf whatever she’s into…

#5. Something with thought behind it! If she goes to Starbucks every day have her drink paid for or if she gets her hair did call ahead and have them put in on your tab!

#4. something HOMEMADE! Nothing beats a macaroni card as long as YOU made it!

#3. Something from one of your relatives…preferably dead.

#2. A ring ONLY if they want it! There is a huge difference between a ring with diamonds and a diamond ring

#1. Commitment! If you already haven’t!

What are you getting your girl for Christmas?! Ladies what do you really want for Christmas this year?! Let Santa’s helper @Elistab know!


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