Pet Of The Week

This week there are a bunch of pets the Western PA Humane Society will be hoping to get adopted.

Every year, shelters always wrestle with promoting adoption of pets at the Holidays, knowing that some people cannot resist the lure of giving a pet as a gift to someone who might not be prepared for the responsibilities of having a pet.  At the same time, the shelters are full of animals that NEED responsible and loving owners.

At the Western Pa Humane Society (WPHS), several volunteers have come up with a unique promotion to highlight some of our long term animals.  They will be spending the weekend of December 14th and 15th  in the kennel run (including the night) with some of our long term animals, highlighting these fabulous dogs that have been overlooked at the shelter for whatever reason.

David Janusek, the Executive Director of the Western PA Humane Society, was so taken with this idea he has elected to join the 3 volunteers staying the weekend in the kennel.   “There is a belief that there is a time limit on dogs, and that has not been the case for many years at the Western PA Humane Society.  As an Open Door Shelter we struggle at times with space but no animal is ever euthanized for length of stay.   We take our responsibility to the community very seriously and sometimes an aggressive dog or a ill dog will be euthanized but not a healthy, adoptable dog.  Ever.”

The volunteers are Kim Lenz, Tammy Merjanian, Lisa Stefanowicz, and Executive Director David Janusek.  They will enter the kennel runs on Saturday the 14th at 10am and leave on Sunday the 15th at 5pm.

Click here for more information!

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