E-List: White Elephant Wednesday Gifts

So every year my family has a white elephant gift exchange and I usually end up with some dumb cow bathroom piece but this year I want things to be different. Here are some of the top gifts to give in the white elephant exchange!

E-LIST: #WhiteElephant Gift Exchange Ideas

#7. Vino2Go Wine Sippy Cup! For the wino in your life. 😉

#6. Sriracha hot sauce! Who knows how long this stuff will last! Or you could go the water bottle route!

#5. The boyfriend pillow! For that cousin who is always left out at the party… that’d be me.

#4. A holy Toast stamper, $4.50 or just toast! I got that one year thanks to my cousin Nate who I am DJing his wedding this April.. hmm.. now I’m thinking payback is in order.

#3. Chia pet… they have some now that allow you to print pictures and put your own face on it! muhahaha scary.

#2. Any clothing with pets or food on it. ie: a cheeseburger shirt. This is Christmas gold!

#1. Something good! Anything that probably shouldn’t belong in the white elephant exchange! ie: electronics, gift cards, etc.

Shout out to Todd who brought a fire hydrant, traffic light, and a drive-in theatre speaker! Which are pretty legit but he did say there was also a Chuckie-doll look-a-like clown thing. That’s what I’m talking about!

I know my relatives are all over Pinterest so hopefully this year they pull some from this stash!

Also check out E’s “How Not To Suck At White Elephant Parties

What gifts have you received in a “White elephant gift exchange”? Tweet me yours w/ the #WhiteElephantWednesday @Elistab


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