Ahh the season of disappointment is upon us! Nothing worst than watching someone open up something that they clearly don’t like and watch them pretend to be grateful for it, or worst yell at you for not getting them exactly what they wanted. HUMBUG!

Which is why I give you…

E-List: #Reasons Why Buying Christmas Gifts Can Be The Worst!

#7. You never get the right size, color, shape, taste, feel. You’re gonna lose.

#6. EVERYTHING you really want to get someone is outta your budget! $

#5. Some people’s demands are too high! Just sometimes impossible to please…

#4. You don’t even know if they will even like it!

#3. You don’t know how much someone is going to spend on you and then you feel bad when you spend more because then they feel bad, it’s a vicious cycle.

#2. You end up getting something for someone who now feels awkward for not getting you something.

#1. You never get someone what they REALLY WANT! “Well this is awesome buuuuut that Mercedes would have been REAAAAALLY nice.”

I quit.

Check out more reasons “Buying Gifts For The Holidays Is The Worst” here!

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