E-List: People You Need To Buy For

There are certain people you NEED to buy Christmas/holiday presents for so let’s not forget about them this year!

E-LIST: #People you still have to buy CHristmas presents for…

#7. Your bartender! They treat you good all year, time to hook them up!

#6. Garbage men! These guys have one trashy job so make sure you give back not in trash! Don’t forget your neighbors either because they typically remind you that you still need to put your trash out.

#5. Any service people! Mailman, your hairdresser, the Fedex guy, your Amazon drone. Anyone who makes you look and feel good by doing any service to you, do one for them!

#4. Siblings. Yes you have no choice. Even if they live states away.

#3. Significant other! Don’t just say “No we’re not exchanging this year.” If that’s the case you know what to withhold.

#2. Mom & Dad! They kinda gave you life so you sorta owe them for the rest of yours.

#1. Your boss! Mine hooked me up with a nice bottle of wine tonight, so obviously it’s going to be a fun show! Also anyone who has to put up with you at work everyday, this would just be a nice way of saying thank you!

Enjoy! Merry Christmas! Now get out there and get your shop on! Don’t forget your twitter followers! Just kidding but seriously ~ @Elistab if you need any ideas I’m full of cookies.


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