You’re getting ready to meet “the family”. That’s a big deal. You’ll probably run into some parents like these and share odd moments that they will cherish forever and never let you live them down as long as you “survive”. These are the “The people of Christmas“!

There is one of these in every family.. and if not sorry you’re missing out. I love all of them and they are what makes you a family.

E-LIST: #People of Christmas

#7. Crazy cousin who brings the inappropriate gift and says inappropriate things… I might fall under this category but I’m sorry you can’t wrap anything in a Dick’s box and not expect me to make a joke.

#6. Weird Uncle who still asks you to pull their finger… we’re just going to stop there.

#5. The one cousin who likes the same. If you know what I’m saying.

#4. The cousin who keeps multiplying! They never stop. I will never understand “natural family planning”.

#3. The uncle who gets mad that you put everything on Facebook yet he can’t stay off his phone and will probably take a picture of #2.

#2. Drunk aunt who passes out on the couch or in church. I’m going to turn into one of these.

#1. Grandma! Who lets one rip and blames it on the dog. Grandpa would be proud.

Who are the people of your Christmas?! Tweet me @Elistab and follow along the Christmas madness. I really should live tweet Family Christmas.


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