Looking back at 2013, there were a lot of awkward moments during Bubba Show’s ‘Lingerie or Leave Him’ feature. We’ve pulled together our Top 5 ‘Lingerie or Leave Him’ moments from the show. Did your favorite make our list?

1. Lingerie Or Leave Him: It Leaves Tara Begging Mark For Forgiveness (from July 18, 2013)
The way this Lingerie Or Leave Him ends is absolutely shocking. None of us could have expected this to happen. Quite shocking. Listen here.

2. Lingerie Or Leave Him: Kate & Tim (from February 7, 2013)
Kate suspected that her boyfriend Tim could possibly be cheating on her because he has been acting very rude lately. Find out what happened.

3. Lingerie Or Leave Him With Alexa & Dylan (from March 1, 2013)
This week’s Lingerie Or Leave Him left us all speechless. Some weeks they end up positive. Some …not so much. Read and listen.

4. Lingerie Or Leave Him: Something Happened That Never Has Before On Bubba Show (May 23, 2013)
Michelle thinks that Dave is cheating because he smelled like perfume when he came home one day. Michelle calls him out on Bubba Show. But, something different happens this time. Do you remember what happened? Click here.

5. Lingerie Or Leave Him: Trish Is Speechless & So Is Melanie (from December 5, 2013)
As always, the awkwardness looms. Nate really gets upset. He leaves Trish speechless and Melanie speechless – which is really hard to do. Relive the awkwardness here.


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