She came in on her wrecking ball and licked everything this year. These are well a lot of the things Miley Cyrus licked.

Keep track of all things Miley Cyrus licks here!

E-List: Things Miley Cyrus Licked in 2013

7. A doll. She can’t stop.

6. A girl’s shoulder. And won’t stop.
And her own on the cover of Rolling Stone

5. The air. Throw your hands up! Nevermind our a** *twerk*

4. The “butt” lick. Did you miss this at the VMA’s?!

3. A moon man!

2. The Sledgehammer.

1. Herself.. hands, fingers, all of Miley

No wonder she got that tongue insured for $1 milli!

She’s just being Miley ;P

Tweet me your fav Miley lick pick! ~ @Elistab

This pole?!!! #classic


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