While you were stalking and liking you also had A LOT to complain about! These were the most talked about topics on the FB!

E-List: Most Talked About Topics on Facebook

7. Boston Marathon. #BostonStrong

6. Miley Cyrus. *twerk* twerk *twerk* She can’t stop and won’t stop. Check out all the things she licked this year here!

5. Harlem Shake. I think were shook out.

4. OKay not yet. Typhoon Haiyan

3. “royal baby” aren’t you glad that is royally over with? Just wait till the next one pops out! Hopefully not too big of a deal since they gotta kick brother Prince George off the throne to get the crown.

2. Election. Because everyone cares who you voted for and what your political views are. (sense my sarcasm?)

1. Pope Francis the guy takes selfies with his fans. He IS THE MAN!

Tweet me what you think you saw talked about most on Facebook~ @Elistab

Okay for the U.S. it was pretty much the same

In order from one to 10, the topics were the Super Bowl, the government shutdown, the Boston Marathon, the Syria crisis, the Harlem Shake, Pope Francis, George Zimmerman, the royal baby, Nelson Mandela and the presidential inauguration.

This is pretty legit…


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