Top 10 Blog Posts From 100.7 Star In 2013

Every year, the 100.7 Star personalities write a lot of blog posts about a lot of different topics. 2013 was no different. We combed through the site and based on what you read, here are the Top 10 Blog Posts from 2013.

1. Web Junk: Miley Cyrus Twerking NUDE?!! (from November 25, 2013)
AHHH! No way. Miley Cyrus twerking? Never! Naked? Are you really THAT shocked? See the photo…again.

2. Chris NOT Ashton Kutcher Gives Amazing Speech At The Teen Choice Awards (from August 12, 2013)
Christopher Ashton Kutcher is his real name and Ashton last night explained how he learned THREE important things as Chris, not Ashton. His speech was a hit at the Teen Choice Awards. Watch the speech.

3. Seneca Valley LipDub is On top of the World! #SVLIPDUB (from November 6, 2013)
Seneca Valley TV shot one master lipdub video to the tune of Imagine Dragons’ “On top of the World”. Yep they’re on top of the world. Watch the video.

4. Pittsburgh girl featured on MTV’s True Life: I Have a High Maintenance Girlfriend (from March 4, 2013)
A former Saddle Ridge shot girl Miranda Jordan was featured and part of it was filmed at Saddle Ridge, Bar Room and Beach Club. See the clip.

5. The Chronicles Of Cancer: The Mommy Bucket List (April 26, 2013)
Bubba Show had the chance to meet an amazing woman. Her name is Katie Crawford and she is battle Stage IV breast cancer. She’s put together a bucket list and out how you can help her fulfill some of the things on her list. Check out her list.

6. Bubba Show: Amanda Bynes Wants Drake To Do What To Her What? (from March 22, 2013)
Can you believe Amanda Bynes said this? Would you want someone to do this to you and who would it be? See the tweet.

7. A Mother Sends A Letter To Her Daughter About Miley Cyrus (from August 28, 2013)
Dear Daughter: Let Miley Cyrus be a lesson to you! That is the name of this letter a Mom wrote to her daughter. Read it here.

8. Robin Thicke May Be In Trouble With His Wifey (from August 30, 2013)
Social media is FUN and great and informative and … REVEALING. See the tweet that had everyone talking about Robin Thicke and his wife.

9. Amazingly Cute And Can’t Miss Bunny Video (from October 23, 2013)
Western PA Humane Society stopped by 100.7 Star Studios and you’ll never believe what they did… So cute we could just eat ’em up. Watch the Video.

10. Bubba Show: Shelley and Melanie Leak Naked Photos of Bubba (from May 30, 2013)
Bubba has always said there are absolutely NO naked pictures of him ANYWHERE. Well, guess what? Shelley was cleaning out a closet one weekend and came across some pictures from a New Year’s Eve party at Bubba’s house. See the photos.


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