Whether plans got changed or you backed into someone look out when these happen! Women don’t take crap, rejection, or when any of these things go down well…

E-LIST: Things That Can Easily Ruin A Woman’s Day

#7. Tripping over anything… I can’t get too upset over this it happens everyday.

#6. Spilling something on your shirt… I am my Father’s daughter this happens…

#5. Forgetting your lunch/ food at home… you just might kill someone! You’re not yourself when you’re hungry!

#4. When you try something on and get stuck in it…there have been times I thought I would never make it out of a top or dress. Yep just going to leave this on forever. RIP!

#3. When your fav bra breaks or the straps keep falling down.

#2. When an unexpected hookup happens, and you realize that you haven’t shaved in weeks. Always be ready ladies! You never know… it typically tends to happen the opposite way though right?

#1. When you go to the bathroom and realize there’s no more toilet paper left. OUCH! Gonna suffer that or grab a towel? Drip dry doesn’t work for us well gentlemen! Always have that room stocked!

When something ruins my day you will be sure to hear about it feel free to read about it here: @ElistaB!

Check out 29 things that can easily ruins a woman’s day here!


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