Melanie’s Savings With Pittsburgh Frugal Mom

Another great weekend of stuff and savings!  Thanks to Pittsburgh Frugal Mom Dana Vento!  Check out here amazing website here.

This week we had YOUR help!  Yep..our very own Bubba Show listeners helped us with great craft ideas for Valentine’s Day!

We have some great DIY crafts that won’t be hard and you can thank our listeners!

Heather said she uses the handprint photos because they are great and special and parents can save them.  You can make a handprint with paint and then cut it out.  Heather took a pic of each of her kiddos making a “kissy face.”  Glue the photo to a piece of paper and then attach a hand so it covers the photo but flips down and have the child decorate the card with blowing kisses!

Jess offered this suggestion for school V day party crafts.  She loves the mailboxes decorated with construction paper, heart, stickers, glitter and glue!

Jessica Lynn uses small baby food jars to create something that lasts!  Take the jar and a piece of vinyl cut into the shape of a heart and stick to the inside of the jar.  Drop a quick drop of polyurethane inside the jar and then coat it with glitter (usually pink or red).  Put a lid on it and shake it till all the jar is covered.  Let it dry for part of the day and then remove the vinyl heart and put in a battery operated tea light.  You can display it anywhere and keep it for years!

Sammi says you need construction paper and tissue!  Construction paper, small squares of tissue paper (white,pink, red) glue and a pencil.  Have the kiddos draw a heart and then wrap tissue paper around the end of a pencil, dip in glue, set inside outline of the heart, repeat it all until the heart is filled.  Place a picture of the child inside the heart before adding tissue for a great memory page!

Courtney has a great idea with WHITE Cups!  White cups (tissue paper green stuff cups with) green pipe cleaners, flowers cut out (at least 3) and then take the kids thumb print and put it on the flowers, glue, glue flowers on pipe cleaners, put in the cup, sign it with something that says…”THUMBBODY LOVES YOU!”

Kelly said she loves making cookie crafts.  She decorates premade sugar cookies for the party or have the kids cut out hearts and put a poem or picture on it to take home for mom!

Now Pittsburgh Frugal Mom has PINNED some great ideas along with YOUR ideas to a Pinterest Board with some great crafting ideas.  Click here.

Here are some free savings for you this weekend!

The Affordable Care Act…here is some information at a FREE session!  There is an information session and enrollment assistance at Carnegie Library on Saturday, January 18th from 10-11am.  It is in Lawrenceville at 279 Fisk Street Pittsburgh PA 15201.

There is a drop in gadget consultation on Saturday, January 18th from 1-2pm.  You can learn about your gadgets that you are NOT using because you need to know how.  There will be tech librarians available helping you with all your gadget consultations.  It will be at Children’s- Main 4400 Forbes Avenue.

We are not affiliated with any of these events or websites.  Just spreading the free, savings and fun!

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