WHAT THE WHAT Justin Bieber! I went to bed last night scrolling Instagram and I saw the Lambo pix on Bieber’s account and thought this doesn’t look good, especially after posting a pic with some model behind the wheel. 20 minutes later he gets arrested. I wake up and he’s in jail.

What a Bieberful day.

The Biebs is outta jail now and you would think he might get it together but I have a feeling he’s not and that this experience has taught him nothing…

E-LIST: Things The Biebs is doing after Jail

#7. “crying… it will catch up to him. Hopefully himself to sleep… but not till after

#6. Sexting Selener. Girl block him from your phone right now if you already haven’t!

#5. Calling Lil Za over for some pizza and other things…

#4. Playing with his monkey he hid from the cops followed by getting a tattoo because he survived jail.

#3. Still smiling… dude wipe that smerk off your face!

#2. Go drag racing with eggs because he is that dumb.

#1. Recording an awful song about being in jail.

What do YOU think the Biebs is doing now that he is out? @ElistaB


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