Now Justin Bieber might not be “acting” like an adult however he is at the age where one is considered an adult (he’s 19) and with those crazy antics he pulled last night came a certain someone who had to help block the street off so he could drag race, HIS DAD! Yes Jeremy Bieber, father of Justin was reportedly with Justin while all of the drugs, alcohol, and racing went down. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here daddy-O. It’s one thing for a 38-year-old man to be hanging out with his son and friends, its another when reckless behavior that could result in the death of innocent people are going down.

Justin’s Mom who has remained out of the picture was brought up via Justin reportedly as the one who gave him the prescription drugs! WHAT! Yes the Biebs ratted out his own Mother, Patti Malette!

Adults take responsibilities for their own actions. Bieber is clearly far from this but who do you think is at fault here? Just Justin or are the parents to blame as well? It’s always easy to blame Mom and Dad in these situations but when they are reportedly supplying the monster, those influences should definitely be considered. Obviously his money and celeb status plays a key role here too…

Read the entire Police Report here!

Let me know what you thinK! Who is fully responsible for Justin Bieber’s actions? @ElistaB


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