E-List: The BEST Super Bowl Commercials

Well that game was a blow out. Hopefully you stay tuned for Bruno Mars because he was just OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! As soon as he busted out the little kids, drums, and the military shout outs I knew he hit Super Bowl halftime show gold! Between eating my weight in dips I was all over these commercials so in case you did tune out and missed some of that multi-million dollar advertising here are the best commercials that aired during Super Bowl 2014…

#7. “Epic Bud Light” Night #UpForWhatever ends with Arnold you can’t beat the Terminator.

#6. David Beckham in those boxer briefs… you can zip-line your way over to the Burgh any day now…

#5. Subway Fritos commercial wasn’t special but you know Michael Phelps only goes to Subway for that sub. (Munchies much Michael?)

#4. Ellen Degeneres in Beats’ “The Right Music” with the bears.. yeah anything with animals and Ellen is a win.

#3. The “Doberhuahua” Audi commercial is STILL cracking me up! Is it weird I kinda want one?

#2. Dannon Oikos Yogurt “Full House” commercial… have mercy! Anytime we can get these three back together I’m happy.

#1. Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” if you didn’t smile or cry during this you have no soul.

Anna Kendricks’ non-Super Bowl Commercial was the best non-game commercial yet!

Gotta give a shout out to hometown Heinz’ commercial too! Watch Grandma get away with anything here

There was another commercial that aired only in Georgia that was pretty epic… watch it here:

Since I screwed my diet this weekend might as well go eat some cake… This one was the “Greatest Super Bowl Prank of 2014” ~ @ElistaB

These ones you might wanna watch again too.

The Muppets Toyota commercial just made me feel uncomfortable… the M&M’s kidnap commercial was cheesy and as for the Seinfeld commercial, well I added that to my Snapchat story!


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