By Courtney E. Smith

It’s hard to think of an idea that sounds worse than going to see a David Lynch film at age 14 with one of your parents. But that’s exactly where Dan Smith, the singer of Bastille, found his lifelong fandom for Lynch’s work — sitting next to his dad as a lesbian sex scene in Mulholland Drive played out on the big screen.

“I think for our videos, particularly early ones — like ‘Bad Blood,’ it’s got a video that probably most people think makes absolutely no sense,” Smith said. “But what I liked about that was the same thing I liked about when I saw Mullholland Drive with my dad. We walked out of the cinema and looked at each other and were like, ‘What the hell just happened?’ And then I was calling up people who’d seen it that I knew and going on the Internet — I found my way onto forums for the first time.”

Lynch, a forward-thinking type who is particularly attuned to the Internet himself, reached out to Bastille for a remix of the track “Are You Sure” for a limited-edition Record Store Day vinyl release. After teasingly asking if we’d like to hear about the really boring chain of emails between managers and publicists that brought those events together, Smith recounted, “I remember there was a conversation about the fee for awhile. I was like, ‘I literally, I could pay you for me to do this, please.'”

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