If you don’t have a valentine don’t worry you gotta booty that loves you. Even though you sit on it everyday!

E-LIST: Top V-day Gifts for your Booty

#7. New undiessss.. it’s been awhile!

#6. SOFT top of the line toilet paper! No more of that sandpaper stuff.

#5. New swimwear! YEAH! Motivation and you can pretend like you’re at the beach instead of freezing your butt off!

#4. A waxing! Yeah you need to take care of that donk.

#3. A nice comfy chair! so soft. break that baby in!

#2. Some booty shorts! BABY GOT BACK! Let’s see it!

#1. SPANX! Or a nice spank…

That not doing it for ya? Try twerking it or check out more Valentine’s Day gifts for your butt here!

Make sure you share with your single friends! Your butt will thank you for not eating all of the chocolate… @ElistaB


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