Roses are red, violets are not, I can’t wait to see what you got! WOO! Flying solo for Valentine’s Day? No worries it’s a blessing. Here’s why…

E-LIST: Reasons V-Day is better single

#7. You can go out single with all of your friends and not feel bad for leaving anyone behind!

#6. You can flirt and party all weekend with whoever you want! HEY OOO!

#5. No pressure. You won’t have to worry whether or not someone will like your gift because you can pick out whatever YOU want for YOU!

#4. You get to eat ALL OF THE CHOCOLATE and drink ALL OF THE wine you want without sharing or anyone judging.

#3. You don’t have to worry about get dumped the day BEFORE Valentine’s Day!

#2. You don’t have to worry about dinner plans because the bar is calling your name!

#1. You can spend all of your money on Y-O-U! Just saved tons of money on Valentine’s Day by switching my relationship status to SINGLE! BAM!

Need any more reasons? Check them out here!

I’ll be in studio for the big V-day so you can call me all night if you need to let your Un-Valentine’s Day sorrows out! ~ @ElistaB


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