E-List: Cheesy but Clever Valentines

Maybe you don’t feel like buying a card or you want to send something SASSY to your friends for a good laugh on Valentine’s Day, either way we got you covered.

Click HERE to print (who prints?) and share any of these wickedly clever but CHEESY Valentines

E-LIST: Cheesy but Clever Valentine’s

#7. Are you a bowl of cereal? …because I love you!

#6. I would put pants on to see you… then clearly take them off. Or Taylor Swift’s card… Be my next song mine?!

#5. Help I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up! This one is wrong because it has a picture of the life alert lady… but it’s still kinda cute!

#4. You can do what you want with my body! Good I planned on it.

#3. Are you a sharpie? …because you’re extra fine! Oh that’s bad. I can’t believe how much I’m NOT sick of you! I tried…

#2. I would even do the thing Meatloaf WOULDN’T do for love for you!

I’m bananas for you… let’s never split!

#1. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN BACON! Now that’s saying something!

What cheesy Valentines have you seen? Send them to me on the twitter >> @ElistaB


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