Happy Valentine’s Day! Guarantee you probably saw one of these people today… and if you’re sad you don’t have a valentine, just remember no one loves you any other day of the year either! 😉

E-LIST: The People of Valentine’s Day ❤

#7. the Betty Crocker who brings in treats and expects you to eat them so they don’t have to. That was me today!

#6. The first-time Valentine’s Day couple who try to out do each other.

#5. the girl who acts so surprised when her bf sends her flowers to the office… sure he wasn’t going to do anything!

#4. the last minute idiot picking up a card at the gas station. Nothing says I love you like a gas card.

#3. the jealous person who tells everyone V-day is just a made up Hallmark holiday. We get it. You’re bitter.

#2. the drunk girl at the bar who has had one for every ex.

#1. the “I don’t need a valentine” to make me happy. I have my career. I have my friends. I have my family. Yeah we do and it’s going great so let’s celebrate!

We might not have a valentine, but we have each other and that should be enough right? Love you all!

xoxo ❤ ~ @ElistaB


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