E-LIST: The Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s over! You survived another Valentine’s Day! We hope… but how did they do?
Did you end up with some silky heart undies or picking up the fast food special? Hey it’s the thought that counts right? Wrong. Well as long as you tried…

E-LIST: The Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts

#7. Something they hate. Nothing says I love you like something they don’t love. Now they feel like you don’t know them and have fun on the couch.

#6. Anything BUT what they wanted. If they tell you what the want and you just decide to completely ignore that, you’re an idiot. Unless you got them something better and you plan on getting them what they want too.

#5. Giant. stuffed. animals. Sure they’re fun for a minute but not function. Just get pillows instead. I know flowers die too but really what are you going to do with a big bushy bear? I don’t want to know.

#4. A drive-thru date. Last time I went on a Valentine’s Day it was through the drive-thru. Unless they’re drunk or hungover, they probably won’t be too impressed.

#3. A gift that was clearly for the giver not the giftee! Go with your bromance to see trucks and half naked men wrestle.

#2. The last minute gift that you put zero thought into. We can tell you picked up this card from the gas station.

#1. NOTHING! Some of my friends told me their boyfriends got them NOTHING and they didn’t get them anything! Well what the heck! Not even a text or a snapchat? What is the non-valentine’s day world coming to?! If you forgot I don’t even feel the slightest bit bad for you. YOU KNOW Feb 14th. is Valentine’s Day more than you know their birthday…

Did you get a bad v-day present? I want to hear about it! @ElistaB


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