E-List: Bad Olympic Events

After the Tinder hook-ups in the Olympic Village you should’ve known the Internet was about to get real raunchy with these games. Twitter was getting pretty dirty last night with the #BadOlympicEvents and I liked it so naturally…

E-List: Bad Olympic Events

Sorry Nicholas-cage fighting did not make the list. *Honorable Mention*

#7. Bobsledding for apples. That kinda makes me wanna try “hurling”. Same as curling just trying to make it into the circle.

#6. Figure shaming… might need to go “downhill twerking” after that.

#5. Cheese (or hair) curling… we could curl a lot of things… drinks to my face, etc.

#4. Menstrual cycling. I agree with this: “Instead of getting a period girls should just get to sleep straight for five days. Every month. Everyone wins.”

#3. Stripper pole vault. Not sure how this will be done but sounds exciting!

#2. The lube! LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUBE or loogies but that’s gross.

#1. Manscaping. Bob (sled-broke) Poor Bob.

What is your #BadOlympicEvent ?! Tweet me yours @ElistaB


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