HOLY this is all I needed in my life at school! OKay and now. Imagine you just got home from a night of drinking, you’re laying in bed craving a crunchwrap or dang quesadilla with a side of cinnamon twists… that is ALL you want! You can’t drive anywhere right now. No one around you can drive right now. You think to yourself or scream out loud, “Why can’t fast food restaurants DELIVER?!!!” Well someone finally did. BAM! Meet “Drunk Deliveries” the student-run company that will deliver you Taco Bell. TACO BELL DELIVERY!?! It’s happening in State College…

Four extremely smart Penn State students got together and finally put this genius idea to work. This is too good to be true. Well it won’t last long. For now it’s just a badass project that I think could have great potential.

AHHHH! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to order fast food that could be delivered to my house! This is an awesomesauce idea!

Reason #100.7 Penn State has some of the smartest students in the country. Now if only we could get some Pitt students to figure this one out… 😉 ~ @ElistaB


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