"My priority will always be Paramore."

By Radio.com Staff

Hayley Williams is about to earn her sea legs. Starting today (March 7) and running through Tuesday (March 11), she and her band Paramore will set sail from Miami to Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas for their PARAHOY! cruise.

“The fact that we’re getting to do a cruise is so random to me,” Williams told Radio.com. “I did not take it seriously at first, and now it’s a reality. It’s turning into exactly what we were hoping it would be. People all over the world, all ages, especially people our age. People we grew up playing shows to, for, and with. It’s going to feel very much like family.”

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On the four-day trek, Williams and her bandmates (Jeremy Davis and Taylor York) will take part in a fan Q&A, perform on the ship’s deck, and enjoy a few other cruise activities like PARAoke, a viewing of Sixteen Candles and getting tattooed. Unfortunately, as of now, the singing of sea shanties is not on the itinerary.

“We just wanted to create an environment that had a lot of bands we love, a lot of friends,” Williams said of the cruise’s musical lineup, which also includes New Found Glory and Tegan and Sara. “We just wanted to make it something we can all remember. And if it all goes well, maybe we’ll do it all again.”

After the cruise, Paramore will next prepare for a joint summer trek with Fall Out Boy, which kicks off June 19 in Hartford, Conn. Williams assured us it will not be a nostalgia tour, no matter how sentimental she tends to get about the scene. Instead this tour will celebrate how far the two acts have come over the last few years.

“It was important for us to press ourselves forward,” she said, “and I think the same goes for Fall Out Boy.”

Regarding Paramore’s 2013 self-titled album, Williams said it gave them a chance to rediscover their sound. “The whole idea behind our new album was that we’re getting a second chance to start over,” she explained, “to really rediscover what we want to be and what we already are. The real message was, ‘You don’t have to give up, just because the odds are against you.'”

Albums aside, she knows the only reason she’s allowed to keep making music is a testament to Paramore’s truly devoted fans.

“It’s really up to them,” she explained. “We can write music all day long, but could end up playing it for ourselves. It’s cool that people accepted it — not only accepted it, but just championed it, carried the torch for us.”

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Would Williams ever consider releasing a solo album? As she explained, it’s been good to “try different things” — such as her collaborations with B.o.B. and Zedd — “but my priority will always be Paramore.”

Of course, she added, “You can never say never in your life in general, but again, I know where my heart is. And it’s this band. I can’t imagine wanting to do anything else.”

Watch the video here to see Williams talk about her band’s latest single, “Ain’t It Fun,” what fans can expect from the next Paramore album and why she’ll (probably) never go solo.



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