Girl Meets World needs to start already! It feels like it’s been forever since we found out about the revamped BMW version featuring Cory, Topanga, and their daughter. WAIT! There is more. More blasts from the past are joining the show that might make it worth the wait!

Remember that huge dork who sat next to Topanaga?! Aww yeah baby… MINKUS is coming back! He looks just like how you might picture the old school geek! I also hear that his kid is a jock! Talk nerdy to me…

Not only is MINKUS! coming back but so is FEEEEENY!!! FEEEEHEEEEHEEEHENAAAY! ( According to EOnline)

YESSSS! My teenage Friday nights were spent hunked infront of the tv for TGIF and (calling up the local radio DJ of course!) UGH do we really have to wait till the summer for this?! ~ @ElistaB


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