E-LIST: *Top O’ St. Patrick’s Day Drinks List

Happy St. Patty’s Day! Wondering what Irish drink to order? Take a look at these first…

Top O’ the drink list to ya! Hope St. Patty’s Day weekend was good to ya!

Still feeling hungover? You know what’s going to cure that… jump back on that drunk bus!

You might have had a few of these…

#7. Jameson & Ginger = 100 calories
just a shot of Jameson= 91 calories

#6. Mead– some sort of honey liquor/wine = 133 calories

#5. Guinness draft = 125 calories

#4. Irish flag shot = 230 calories
or the old red-headed slut shot… = 162 cals

#3. Irish Car Bomb = 237 calories

#2. Irish Coffee ( Bailey’s = 121 calories) top of the morning to ya!


Harp = 142 calories

Kilians Irish red= 163 calories

Murphy’s = 171 calories Smithwicks Irish Ale= 150 calories

Beamish Irish cream stout= 46 calories

Makes you feel REEEEEEEEEEEEEEAL good about the weekend right?! Maybe you tossed your shamrocks…

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