By Scott T. Sterling

Think it’s only the cool kids and hardcore music snobs that flock to Austin, Texas, every year for the SXSW music conference? Jimmy Kimmel wants you to think again.

Last year, the late-night host set off a firestorm of controversy with a video clip depicting a reporter accosting random attendees at the Coachella music festival about fictitious bands. After the “fans” heartily endorsed the fake acts, skeptical viewers decried the sketch as falsified as the band names, although Kimmel producers insisted the footage was all real.

Kimmel and crew have now pulled the same prank on music fans roaming the streets of Austin for this year’s SXSW (where Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been broadcasting this week), getting people to pontificate on such clearly fake acts as Daenerys Targaryen and the Dragon Ponies, Neil Patrick Harassment, Willie Nelson Mandela and of course, What the F—, Bruce Jenner.

This latest edition of “Lie Witness News” casts a humorous but harsh spotlight on what exactly drives people to such music events as SXSW, it its not-so-subtle attempt to show them as just thrill-seekers eager to be both where the action is and “in the know,” and failing miserably/hilariously, depending on the viewers’ personal perspective.


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