E-List: Top Facebook Pokes

Do you still get “Facebook” pokes?! Who even still sends those? It drives me nuts when guys send pokes instead of “talking”. At first its cute then its annoying. You have my number call me. (#412-922-1007) rant over. Anyway…

If you are a FB poker you probably are one of these and here are the top types of pokes peeps send!

E-LIST: Top Facebook Pokes

#7. the flirt poke… hey giirrrl how you doiiing *cue Joey from Friends*

#6. the crazy ex poke– what are you doing here?! LEAVE ME ALONE!

#5. the “remember this sweet” a$$ poke?! You send this a few days after having a “real good time”. Yeah you remember it mmmhhhhmmm…

#4. the poke war poke– it never ends.

#3. the “I’m being an a-hole poke”- aka I’m gonna poke you because I know it bugs the hell outta you to have that notification sitting there…

#2. the druuuuuuuunk poke– you don’t remember sending that signal or others do you?!

#1. the creeper poke– you haven’t accepted their friend request so they’re mad and they’re gonna poke you until they get your attention! ( also the attention rhymes with door poke)

Do you still poke?! Feel free to “poke me” on the FB or tweet me ~ @ElistaB


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