E-List: The Worst Places To Be Hungover

We’ve all been there… (if not you haven’t lived) you wake up and you have no idea where you are, how you got there, and your hugging the porcelain throne. The place you want to be is well anywhere… or here…

E-LIST: The WORST places to be hungover…

#7. Any event involving children… I used to teach dance classes in college and I loved the night ones but the morning was rough…

#6. At a 5K you forgot you signed up for… I always throw up after races anyway let alone hungover… that would just not be happening.

#5. Any public transportation… on a bus, the subway, a plane (the last place you need to be is in the air) it’s already going to be a rough ride! You just made it worst.

#4. A rollercoaster. Your stomach is already doing flips the last thing you need is to be flying upside down in the air…

#3. A funeral. You’re sad, everyone is sad, probably how you got so drunk in the first place. Time for the wake.

#2. In Church! God knows what you did last night.

#1. At work… if you ever tune in on Saturday mornings just know I’m feeling the same way you are… #nojudgementzone

There used to be a time when I NEVER got hungover… I must not be drinking enough… where was the WORST place you had a hangover? Somewhere you didn’t intend to sleep maybe… or one word: roadtrip.
~ @ElistaB


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