E-List: Signs You’re With The Guy You Should Marry

Alright this list from Cosmo has been going around the internet and honestly I think it’s missing a few things… actually 7?! Funny how that works out…

E-List: Signs You’re With The Guy You Should Marry

#7. He cooks… I’m not talking TV dinners now…and not just because he has to eat too…

#6. He cleans! Up after himself! They exist?!

#5. He opens the door for you! It’s the little things really…

#4. He has a full time job! You don’t need to support him too!

#3. He can walk in on you in the bathroom and it be completely normal. You gotta get real with each other at some point!

#2. He puts the toilet seat down. SO simple yet so important.

#1. He tells you he loves you every day… ❤ aww cue sappy moment…seriously though that's vital.

Not that I'm getting married anytime soon but how did you know they were "the one"? ~ @ElistaB


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