If you can’t eat anything without getting SOMETHING on you somewhere this is for you… You know who you are…

E-LIST: The Struggles Of Being A Sloppy Eater

#7. When you ask someone if you have something in your teeth or on your face you usually do… there is always some sort of food/bev on you!

#6. When you lean into bowls your hair gets in there…sometimes finding something in your hair later… I did this on Saturday with a milkshake except I just dropped it right in there…

#5. When you put burning hot food in your mouth you either panic until it’s cool enough to swallow or you discreetly spit it out into your napkin. You can never have too many of those.

#4. Whether it’s kool-aid, wine, or spaghetti you’re bound to have some sort of stain around your mouth… might I suggest picking up a few Tide-To-Go pens?

#3. You’re always dropping food… especially on yourself… crumbs are your best friends! Ugh they won’t leave me alone!

#2. You miss your mouth for no apparent reason… you’re used to looking like you just peed yourself…

#1. You do not wear white whatsoever! No Labor Day rules apply here you just don’t mess with it.

Are you a messy eater?! What was the last thing you spilled on yourself?! It really is a struggle…let me know via FB/Twitter: #EList @ElistaB


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