E-List: Pittsburgh’s Least Faithful Neighborhoods

Well isn’t this list interesting! New data from AshleyMadison.com revealed the top neighborhoods ranked the least faithful in Pittsburgh! Check out the full list here!

E-LIST: Pittsburgh’s Least Faithful Neighborhoods
AKA The Most Cheating Neighborhoods in the Burgh! The top 7…

#7. Bloomfield (6.1%) It’s gotta be all that warm welcoming Italian food and countless glasses of wine!

#6. Bradford Woods (6.8%) Christina Aguilera grew up here…

#5. Shadyside (6.9%) this place has shady written all over it…

#4. Baldwin (7.2%) shout out to Baldwin High school!

#3. Churchill (7.5%) God sees everything.

#2. Franklin Park (7.7%) Cheating is a no no… they are N/A!

#1. Brighton Heights (8.3%) The more burbs of the burgh we get it seems the worst it gets!

I found it interesting that “West End has the most single women seeking married men” hmm… more data here!

I won’t say where I live… ~ @ElistaB


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