This week our pet from the Western PA Humane Society has such a sad but ultimately happy story.  Sarah from the WPHS told us this story:

Meet Layla, a 1 year old Yorkshire Terrier! Layla arrived at the Western PA Humane Society as a stray, in shock, and barely able to move due to fractured hind leg that had become infected. We guessed she had been hit by a car several days prior. She was rushed to PVSEC and was treated for sepsis, a life-threatening infection. Her health was touch and go, but the intensive care unit staff worked hard to stabilize her. It was determined that the only way to save her life would be to remove her infected leg. After surgery, Layla improved dramatically. She is now recovering with her foster family, practicing her snuggling skills, and cruising around on three legs.

Without your support, Layla’s story may have had a very different ending. Her surgery and ICU stay were extremely expensive for the Western PA Humane Society. Your contributions to our Adoption Angel Fund allows to us continue to help give stories like Layla’s happy endings. Visit to donate to our Adoption Angel Fund today!


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