By Courtney E. Smith

Frequently Asked Questions is exactly what it sounds like, where we have experts guide you through the unknown about people and topics in music and pop culture. Pop star Lily Allen announced that she’s got a new album, her third, coming out on May 6. The multiple videos she has released in advance of the album, as well as its title, have many people wondering: what is the deal with Lily Allen? We aim to address that and a few other pressing queries around the British mom with a big pop recording career. Who is Lily Allen?

Lily Allen is a singer, a songwriter, a sharp social critic, a mother, the daughter of a famous British comedian and the older sister of Alfie Allen, who is better known as Theon Greyjoy on Game of Thrones. She appears to live for taking the piss out of people, but tends to have small breakdowns if anyone takes the piss out of her. It is, in equal parts, endearing and infuriating. After quite a long absence between recordings, now we’re on the cusp of the release of her third album, which she has decided to name Sheezus.

Why would Lily Allen name her album Sheezus?

She told the BBC’s Graham Norton, “It’s a confident title choice — and a little nod to Kanye West.” She clarified on Twitter, saying, “It’s an homage, not a piss take.” So yes, it is exactly what you think it is. Lily Allen is declaring herself the female messiah/Kanye West. This characterization may be a slight exaggeration of Allen’s intentions. Or it might not. One can never tell with these comedian/pop star types. We’ll wait to see if there are a series of video taped rants a la Kanye West to make that call.



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