By Melanie Taylor

I asked Bubba the other day when Lingerie or Leave Him is over!! The amount of emails Bubba gets from women who think their significant other is cheating is overwhelming. His email is

Today Lisa contacted us because she said she had a feeling John was being unfaithful. She also said she saw a credit card charge of flowers on the bill and she did NOT receive any flowers from John. So who did John send them to?

Lisa said “I just can’t get the credit card flower purchase out of my head.”

Does John say Lisa’s name? Well, yes, but here is the thing. She apologizes and then it gets REAL. She says “I just was insecure and didn’t know how to bring it up.” John says “I’ve never given you a reason to think I’m cheating.”

Well, if you didn’t hear it on air today listen here.


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