Ever have someone sneak up behind you and scare the crap put of you? Of course you have.

Ever sneak up behind someone and scare the crap out of them? Of course you have.

That’s apparently was Bubba was thinking this morning. Why else would he just happen to have the famous Scream mask at work?

Fridays in the offices of 100.7 Star are usually pretty good days. Moods are up, things are fun & light-hearted. Plus,the weekend is just hours away.

In the morning, when Bubba Show arrives, the offices are nearly deserted and very quiet.

Today, they were not so quiet as we were treated to a little screaming to break up the silence.

Moods up, fun & Light-hearted things happening? Probably for everyone except one person this morning.

In case you missed it this morning, watch the video below of Bubba scaring the crap out of Shelley.

Now everyone in the office has to wonder … who’s next?


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