Why is everyone trying to take a selfie with EVERYTHING?! I swear that’s the only reason why people go to the gym or get dressed up, etc. but first, lemme take a selfie! Well this guy learned his lesson when he tried to take a selfie with a squirrel!

PAYBACK! This was not a very nice squirrel… that or it didn’t want to have his picture taken!

The best part about this is his Mom’s picture who apparently was laughing during “the attack”! Wouldn’t you?! (No rabies shots needed)

During college at Penn State the squirrels must have been a different species because they were awesome. You could hang out and feed them, or like this girl make tiny hats for this squirrel! The best one is the Steelers helmet!

Quit taking selfies with wild animals. #Bozo ~ @ElistaB


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