HOLA! Now that I’m done stuffing my face with Mendoza Express’ quesadillas…

Dessert first…

IT’S BACK! Get down to Antney’s in Greentree and check out my chocolate peanut butter potato chip ice cream! It’s fab!

antneys elista


antneys elista 2

AND now… Pinata cake!

I attempted to make these pinata cookies once, well they pretty much ended up a disaster. So good luck with that cake!

pinata cookies

Since it is National Burger Month Food beast shared this bomb burger… every Italian meat lovers dream right here!

The “fried lasagna burger” so many right things about this guy. Technically the ‘Lasagna-Bun Burger‘ is made of deep fried-ricotta and mozzarella. We’re gonna have to go to Philly to try this but might be worth it.

Also the deep fried doritos burger is waiting to give you a heart attack.

Go nuts with Planter’s new ones. Peanuts now available in cocoa, chipotle, caramel, and smoked!

And now for anything and everything BACON!

Baked Sriracha Glazed Man Candy Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings

If you have any food finds you want to share find me eating somewhere over here>> ~ @ElistaB


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