By Kelly

Well, well, well….look who we have here!

Monica Lewinsky is speaking out for the first time since her affair with then President, Bill Clinton, 10 years ago. In her essay in Vanity Fair on stands May 13th, she describes her affair with Clinton ‘consensual’.

But the big question– why now?! Monica decided to speak out after finding out about the suicide of Tyler Clementi, an 18-year old Rutgers freshman who was secretly recorded kissing another man. In her essay, she recalls feeling those thoughts of suicide and after hearing Tyler’s story– she knew she could shine a different light on the awful situation.

I applaud her for coming out and saying these things– no matter how long ago the affair occurred. She was a 20-year old intern for the White House in a high-profile affair with the leader of free world yet her voice was never heard. She was given the Scarlet ‘A’ to wear for the rest of her life while Clinton was praised as one of the best president’s our country has ever seen– despite his personal life. Whatever your political opinion may be– this essay will be a good read. I know I will be indulging, will you? -@KelOnAir



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