Wolverine star Hugh Jackman has revealed that he needed to have yet another Basal-cell carcinoma removed from his nose. It’s the most common form of skin cancer and is usually the most treatable.  He also had one removed in November.

American Comedy Awards were handed out last night.  Among the big winners, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Poehler, Steven Colbert, Jon Stewart, and Will Farrell also among the big winners.

Justin Theroux is pushing for an alcohol-free wedding to Jennifer Aniston.  A source says he worries about the fact that she can easily down a bottle of win a night without batting an eyelid.  Apparently, he really wants her to quit and has been pushing for a non-alcoholic wedding in hopes that will help her do so.

Paula Patton tells Vanity Fair that she’s open to reconciling with Robin Thicke. She says they’ve known each other since they were teenagers.  She says there’s a deep love there, always was, and always will be.

Dean McDermott has given Tori Spelling a multi-colored vintage ring from Neil Lane for their 8th wedding anniversary.  Word is she loved it.  Hoping it’ll ease their strained relationship.

Justin Bieber and actor Seth Rogen have been going back and forth since Rogen called him out on Twitter.  Surprisingly, Bieber took the high road.  He tweeted an apology to Rogen that read, “Seth Rogen sorry I didn’t bow down when I asked 2 meet u..was probably a bit shy and didn’t want to be over the top but still love ur movies.”

Snooki is having a baby girl.

All 3 judges will be returning to American Idol.  Fox renewed the show for another year.  Last night on the show, Jessica got eliminated.

CBS has NOT picked up How I Met Your Dad.  It was thought the spinoff to How I Met Your Mother was a done deal.

Lady Gaga is auctioning off her red Rolls-Royce convertible for the MusiCares charity.  The car is expected to sell for $50,000.

Kanye West plans to hold his bachelor party in Ireland.  He apparently loves Dublin and so does Jay Z and it’s pretty close to Paris so it’s a perfect option before the wedding.

Perez Hilton claims Dr. Dre may sell Beats Headphones to Apple for $3.2. billion.



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