Neon Trees was back in Pittsburgh on Thursday and we had the chance to not only invite listeners in for an intimate performance but talk to them before their show at Stage AE about our beautiful city!

Find out what they said about our Pittsburgh…

How was that Primanti Bros. Sandwich?

Who was the friend someone was sleeping with?

Our Second Chance Prom is coming up so they had to dish on our past Prom experiences!

Guess who he went with! Tyler’s Prom experience…

WHERE on earth can you find Neon trees err did the name “Neon Trees” come from?!

What does bacon and Neon Trees have in common? No joke that’s what a listener wanted me to try to find out from Neon trees before their show at Stage AE. Well sorta! More like what breakfast food would they be…

DEFINITELY an interview to remember! Thank you Neon Trees!
If there is ever anything you want to know from your fav celeb be sure to tweet me! ~ @ElistaB


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