By Melanie Taylor

Can you believe it is Memorial Day weekend?  Where the HECK is 2014 going?  Make sure you enjoy family and friends if you have some time off.  Enjoy your barbeques.  Let’s also remember the independence we have thanks to all that have served for us over the years and are still active.

Thanks to Dana Vento who is Pittsburgh’s Frugal Mom.  Take a look at her amazing website here.

Check out these great events for you this weekend.  Citi Parks Spray Parks are OPENING!!  They are ALL free.  Look here.

FREE Yoga, Book Clubs, Foreign Languages, Crafts, Exercise classes, Lego Building, Jazz, Crocheting and Red White and Blue FREE at your local branches in and around the city at the Carnegie Library.  All the fabulous events are right here.

Free coffee and babysitting (if the room is not full) at IKEA in Robinson.  All you need to do is be a member of the FREE IKEA family and have a card.  Great FREE advantages if you have them.  Look here.

It looks like you will be able to enjoy all the spray parks this weekend or swimming if you have a pool or you know of a pool that is open.

In case you want to have some FUN indoors this weekend or just for any upcoming rainy weekend.

Check these out….

1.  Put colored tape on your carpet and you just made roads for your toy cars.

2.  Take some old clothes outside (of your kiddos) and make a chalk outline of a child and then decorate those chalk outlines with your clothes!

3.  Paint on any type of WET blue with food coloring will keep the kiddos occupied for hours!

4.  Use that left over bubble wrap.  That wrap can be put on your feet over your shoes and you can use it to stomp on your painting projects.

5.  Simple store bought pipe cleaners with a good colander will keep the kids busy for awhile!

6.  Simple.  Camp indoors.  Fun and with less bugs.

7.  Take pencil erasers and line them up in a bowling configuration and use a small marble for a mini indoor game of bowling!

8.  Take paper plates, popsicle sticks and balloons.  I think you have just made balloon ping pong!

9.  Crayons on sandpaper then put it on a plain white tshirt and you have some art made on your shirt.

10.  Cut a pool noodle in half and you have a marble or a car race track!





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