By Kelly

Some things you just can’t make up.

I like to think I have a friend who would have said HELL NO when I pitched the idea of fastening my 1-month old daughter to the train of my wedding gown. These people lack both common sense and good friends.

The wedding took place in Ripley, Tennessee. Shora and Jonathan Brooks wanted to include their daughter in the ceremony somehow so they attached their daughter securely to the bottom of Shora’s gown so she could come down the aisle with her mom.

The couple is getting a ton of slack for essentially dragging their baby down the aisle but they are coming back saying the baby was awake and safely fastened to the dress.

My favorite part of this whole story? The bride claimed that the dress was made specifically for her and her baby and that Vera Wang designed it. Vera Wang quickly reached out to the media saying that the dress is not from any of her collections. BOOM! Vera don’t want none of this. -@KelOnAir


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