By Kelly

The reaction from the Dad is enough to make your heart melt but the backstory to this video is what makes it so great. Also, this son has set the bar VERY high for Father’s Day this year (sorry Dad– no cars coming your way, just my unconditional love– that’s enough right?!) 😉

This son made a promise to his dad when he was 8 years old that on his 57th birthday he would buy him a 1957 Chevrolet Belair. These cars are HOT– vintage and classic. Who knew that after all these years the son would remember the promise AND follow through?!

His dad was one of seven growing up and his family had no money making this car just a lifelong dream UNTIL IT CAME TRUE. Kudos to you for probably being the son of the year and congratulations to Dad on his new car! Hope you 2 have some great joy rides in that beauty 🙂 – @KelOnAir


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