You go Starbucks!

The coffee chain is about to get flooded with applications because if you work there, they might provide you with a free online college education to Arizona State University.

Well this is awesome!

Half of my money in college was spent at Starbucks so it’s nice to see them spreading the love to student workers. When I first saw this I was thinking wait what about PA?, but this program is open to any of the company‚Äôs 135,000 United States employees! They must work at least 20 hours a week, have good grades and test scores, then make it into Arizona State! The only down side would be missing out on campus-life, which I have to admit was just entirely part of college life that you can’t get back!

Pretty great stuff coming from Starbucks! Now I’m wishing we could go back anytime or hell I’ll become a barista if you want to pay off my loans! ~ @ElistaB


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