WEBTASTIC: Woman Modified Her Whole Body To Look Like Jessica Rabbit!

Talk about a couple loose bolts. I am all about improving your body as you see fit– after all it is your body and you only get one– but this is a little too much for my personal liking.

Penny Brown has spent 2 years changing her body to look like Jessica Rabbit from the movie ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’. Her husband Cooper (who is obviously as delusional as she is) says that Penny’s shape “is as close to Jessica Rabbit as any mere mortal can get”.

Penny has brought her boobs from an H-cup to an O-cup. My back hurts just thinking about that! She also wore a corset for up to 23 hours a day to shrink her waist by 15 inches. Her waist from 38 inches to 23 inches. So does your waist shrink because your organs get use to having no room to swim around in there?! Questions for another time, I guess.

So what do you think– does Penny look more like Jessica or more like she is going to topple over from her enormous chest?! The latter is my opinion. -@KelOnAir

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