E-LIST: Ways to Cool Off Without A Pool

So my pos pool is deflating. Yes it’s a baby pool with holes! I’ve fixed it with some tape numerous times but I’d say it’s on its’ last leg. What’s the life span of a baby pool anyway? Whatever pool, here are ways to cool off without one!

E-LIST: Ways to Cool Off Without A Pool

#7. Fan fort! Sheet + fan = instant air conditioned oasis! Check it out here!

#6. Water balloons! They’re cheap and fun. Go get some!

#5. Freeze fruit! Okay, let’s be real, get your butt down to the local tasty freeze! (Might I suggest Antney’s in Greentree?)

#4. Invest in a spray bottle baby! I keep one of these in the fridge at all times!

#3. Get a tarp and some dish soap = insta slip n’ slide!

#2. Fans on fans on fans. OR if you’re lucky enough call up your local Cabana boy.

#1. Take it all off! Yes! Just get naked.

When all else fails! ^ How do you keep cool? The dog days have just begun! Now see I like to sweat so if you need me I’ll be laying between mine and my neighbor’s house soaking up some rays! ~ @ElistaB


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