Ahh you think you can’t wear any SPF huh? Okay do what you want, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya 😉

E-LIST: *Reasons you will regret NOT wearing sunscreen

#7. Your skin will burn and worst… PEEL!

#6. If someone taps you it will feel like a slap.

#5. Showers are no longer wonderful. Actually the suck,

#4. Aloe Vera gel will become your new best friend.

#3. The worst sun lines are burn lines.

#2. Putting on clothes becomes a challenge. It will be like going under lasers while trying to rob a bank.

#1. You will turn into a lobster.

FYI be careful with the spray sunscreens. My friend just posted a pic of his very blotchy back last week!

P.S. I use SPF 8 so to each their own. If ya need me I’ll be getting my bronze on in between mine and my neighbor’s hauses… ~ @ElistaB


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