Fireworks are pretty, but so is your face. Let’s not set that on fire this year.

E-LIST: *The Don’ts of Setting Off Fireworks

Here is your 4th of July Fireworks Safety Checklist!

#7. Don’t let those nasty snake things burn on a public sidewalk… they stink.

#6. Don’t aim your fireworks at your neighbor’s house or your neighbors. Regardless if they took your parking spot.

#5. Don’t let your toddler light their own fireworks… probably best not to give them a sparkler!

#4. Don’t put your body or parts in front of a lit firework
. Maybe avoid setting them off in a bikini…THIS could happen!

#3. Don’t set off anything illegal unless you like paying fine$$$

#2. Don’t be that a-hole setting them off at 3am… we get it. Happy Birthday America!

#1. Then Don’t set them off for days and days after the 4th!

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Check out more SAFETY DO’S & DON’TS HERE!

Now LIGHT EM UP UP UP LIGHT EM UP UP UP!!! Just don’t set yourself on FIYAAAAH!!!!
~ @ElistaB


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